McMillan & Lockwood Sustainability is about meeting the needs of today, without negatively impacting on the needs of tomorrow.

In a business sense, the key messages of Sustainability tie in with what are generally considered to be 'sound' business practices, such as building efficiency, minimising waste and maximising resources.

McMillan & Lockwood attitude to Sustainability will enable us to be a long-term company focused on creating a better future for New Zealand and the planet as a whole.

To support Sustainability, McMillan & Lockwood will:

Plan, Action, Review, Confirm, Evaluate, Learn (PARCEL)

  • Plan – Using the ‘Three Pillars’ (Environmental/Social/Economical)
  • Action – Train, Communicate, Quantify, Measure
  • Review – Best practice, Benchmarking & The Three R’s (Reduce/Reuse/Recycle)
  • Confirm – Take Ownership
  • Evaluate – Lessons Learnt & did we Extend the Bridge Connecting Economics, Ecology and Ethics
  • Learn - Implement Future Sustainable Built Environment Developments

McMillan & Lockwood Group Ltd will exercise these commitments by:

  • Viewing all stakeholders positions not just shareholders Inspiring a new era of company economic growth – growth that is forceful and at the same time socially and environmentally sustainable.
  • Seeking out collaborative clients, consultants, suppliers and the surrounding communities, supporting increased innovation, productivity measurement and leadership.
  • Unifying our people on sustainability issues, support and train through a skills strategy enabling them to make great business decisions with a long-term view.
  • Alignment and responsiveness to location, design, product selection, construction, waste/pollution & operating costs.
  • Linking Sustainability & Built Environment policies as an integrated framework, looking at McMillan & Lockwood Group Ltd in a holistic way

McMillan & Lockwood Group Ltd will do our utmost to deliver a sustainable outcome every day as individuals and as a group challenging the industry to keep up.