McMillan & Lockwood Residential

From 1886, when Jim McMillan senior started building houses in Dunedin,to 1921 when William Lockwood (our current MD John Lockwood’s great grandfather) began building houses in the Auckland suburb of Mt Albert, to 2015 when M&L was a national finalist in the over $1 million category of the NZMB House of the Year, M&L has been at the forefront of building quality residential homes for over 130 years.


In the 1970’s and 1980’s M&L built many homes under the Modulock brand, manufacturing these prefabricated buildings in Auckland for distribution around the country. Projects included the construction of 100 houses for athletes of the 1990 Auckland Commonwealth Games and many Kohanga Reo projects throughout the North Island. 

Given McMillan & Lockwood’s strength, experience and expertise in commercial construction, mid-rise apartment builds have been a logical relationship over the years, as they both employ similar construction methodologies. Examples of M&L mid-rise apartment projects include:

260 oriental

Low-rise apartments and aged-care facilities also feature heavily in M&Ls build portfolio with projects such as:


McMillan & Lockwood are also experienced stand-alone house and townhouse builders having undertaken such projects as:


McMillan & Lockwood Residential’s current focus is on delivering quality, affordable homes that are warm, dry and healthy. Our strength and experience is the delivery of well designed, medium density developments that include a range of housing tenure and typology options. 

We understand the importance of associated building and development components such as:

  • Affordability
  • Homestar green building rating tool (M&L Residential is a member of the NZ Green Building Council and has a qualified Homestar Assessor in-house)
  • Kiwisaver HomeStart grant
  • The housing continuum and the range of home tenure options
  • Placemaking
  • Community development

We pride ourselves on exceeding expectations, and when it comes to delivering quality housing, that's standard McMillan & Lockwood Residential procedure. Inputting into buildability and offering value engineering advice is all part of the service. We recognise that well designed homes result in building efficiencies, value for money and a quality end product.

Visit our projects page for more quality residential projects delivered by McMillan & Lockwood.