Our Values

Our Company Commitment

“To successfully deliver to the client, a cost effective quality building, completed within the programme timeframe” - Robert Lockwood OBE

  • We understand the importance of trust and integrity in any client/contractor relationship
  • We continually work on our clients behalf ethically, sustainably and responsibility to produce a win / win result
  • We have a modern track record extending back more than half a century, a record of integrity , expertise and client satisfaction
  • Our dedication to our clients is proven by the fact that returning clients’ accounts for more than half of our business every year
  • Our clients value the relationship we build with them and recognise our ability to consistently deliver a quality project on time and within budget
  • We recognise our clients and staff as our most valuable assets
  • We seek sustainable growth which will ensure the company perpetuation and allow all employees to achieve their maximum potential
  • We pride ourselves on providing a positive working environment that promotes employee safety and retention